Sunday, April 8, 2012

Changed (to be a blessing)

Aaron Niequist

1. G
In Jesus’ name I’ve been changed, I’ve been filled,
               C                                          G              C/D
I’ve been found, I’ve been freed, I’ve been saved!

In Jesus’ blood I’ve been loved, I’ve been cleansed,
           C                                   G
And redeemed, and released, rearranged

                      D G/B C
But how can I show You that I’m grateful?
Am7                 D G/B C
You’ve been so gen  -  erous  to me.
Am7               D G/B C  
How   can   I   worship more than singing?
Am7          D               G/B C
Living   Redemption’s    me   -  lody.

chorus:       C(addG) Am7 G
I have been blessed – now I want to be a blessing
                 C                      F G
I have been loved    – now I want to bring love
                 C                      Am7 Em
I’ve been invited  – want to share the invitation
                   C F                       G
I have been changed – to bring change, to bring change

2. G
In Jesus’ name we are changed, we are called,
C                             G
We are chosen, adopted, and named!
In Jesus’ blood we are loved, we are healed,
              C                             G
We’re forgiven and free of our shame!

                    D             G/B            C
We want to  show  You  that we’re thankful
Am7                D            G/B          C
Flooding Your world with hope and peace
Am7           D G/B         C
Help us to worship more than singing
Am7         D           G/B         C
Giving Redemption hands and feet

chorus:           C(addG)                    Am7                 G
We have been blessed – now we’re going to  be  a  blessing
                    C                              F                G
We have been loved  –  now  we’re  going to bring love
                    C                            Am7           Em
We’ve been invited – we’re going to share the invitation
                       C                       F                     G
We have been changed – to bring change, to bring change

*Repeat chorus
**Then repeat last line while slowing down

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